Refinancing a home is often a smart financial decision, but it can be confusing and scary if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the process. The experienced mortgage professionals at DNJ Gateway Bank Mortgage are ready to guide you through each step of the process, saving you time and money!


step one


Contact us to review your credit report and learn what your home refinance options are.

Your Tasks

Our Tasks

  • Help you understand your options
  • Review your credit report with you
  • Set expectations for the home loan process


step two

Application & Processing

Once you have decided to refinance, it is time to get the ball rolling on the application process!

Your Tasks

  • Sign an application package
  • Give us an executed copy of the purchase contract
  • Provide the names of your preferred third party services (Title, Attorney, and Homeowner’s Insurance)
  • Lock in your interest rate when you are ready
  • Gather and submit the required identification, income, asset, and other important documentation for review
1. Copy of government-issued photo ID (front and back)

If you are not a US citizen: Copy of your green card (front and back)

1. Most recent consecutive pay stub(s) covering the last 30 days

2. Past two years W-2s and/or 1099s

3. Past two years completed and signed federal tax returns, including all schedules

If you are self-employed: Most recent two years business licenses or a letter from your CPA stating the name of the business and the number of years you have been self-employed

If you receive Social Security, Disability, Pension, Annuity, or Other Income: Award letter and bank statements evidencing receipt of funds

If you receive rental income: Lease agreement(s) and/or Schedule E of your most recent federal tax return

If you are starting or recently started a new job: Offer letter from employer showing terms of employment

If you receive alimony, child support, and/or separate maintenance: Signed copy of Divorce Decree, Child Support Agreement, and/or Separation Agreement

1. Most recent two months bank statements, all pages included

2. The most recent mortgage statement for the property being refinanced, including tax and insurance information.

3. Statements for any accounts being used for reserve assets (ex: 401K, IRA, other retirement funds)

If gift funds are being given: Signed gift letter from donor and evidence of receipt of funds

If you own other real estate: Current mortgage statements for any property owned, including tax and insurance information

If divorced or separated: Signed copy of Divorce Decree and/or Separation Agreement and Signed copy of Child Support Agreement, if applicable

If living rent-free: Signed letter from current residence property owner stating that you live at that residence rent-free

Our Tasks

  • Send you an application package
  • Order third party services (Title, Appraisal, Insurance, etc.)
  • Provide status updates


step three

Preliminary Underwriting Approval

Once our processing and underwriting staff has reviewed your initial documentation, they will issue a preliminary approval and ask questions and look for additional documentation needed to complete your file and get it ready for closing.

Your Tasks

  • Submit additional documentation as requested

Our Tasks

  • Review appraisal
  • Finish gathering third party services and documentation
  • Provide a final decision


step four

Final Underwriting Approval & Closing

Congratulations! You have been credit approved and are ready to review your final documents and head to the closing table.

Your Tasks

  • Review your HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  • Review and sign closing documents
  • Pay closing costs

Our Tasks

  • Prepare documents
  • Review your HUD-1 Settlement Statement with you
  • Coordinate closing details with your chosen attorney
  • Set expectations for the day of closing